6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A New Computer

Computers have become a basic necessity of life. While buying a new computer, there are certain common mistakes that we all do. Since, computer is a long term investment and your companion where you will store your pictures, movies, songs, play games and use the internet, certain things should be kept in mind for ensuring the longevity of the same and for having a smooth user experience.

In this blog, we will tell you what are the basic things you should avoid while buying a new computer for your office. Computers used as office supplies should be bought by keeping minute details in mind. Here goes the list

1. Not keeping in mind the requirements

The common trend is that people do not keep in mind their requirements when buying a computer. If you are buying for your office, you do not need gaming computers or the ones with latest features. So, why spend more by going with the trend and buy stuffs that your office supplies does not really require. If you go for latest features, all your budget will exceed and the features will be of no use later on.

2. Buying the cheapest ones

In case of computers, do not settle for the cheapest ones. Since, computers are a long term investment, you cannot buy whatever is of low price. All the features and the memory should be there in the computer, as it forms the basis of office work. If you still want to go low on budget, look for computers online, where you get great deals.

3. Not sure about the operating system

Many people buy computers just for the sake of appearing cool. They have no idea about what operating system they are getting with the computers. Even if you are buying for your office you must have some knowledge as to which operating system your business requires. Some offices work on Linux, whereas others on Windows.

4. Not properly checking software requirements

All kinds of software are not compatible on all operating systems. If you have any specification for a particular software, then before buying the computer, check the processor, RAM, and storage.

5. Assuming that components can be added later

Getting the information about what are the components you will be getting with the computer forms crucial. If you think that you can add it later on, think again! Later on can be a costly affair as later on you will have to bear the technician’s fees and the cost of buying the components as well. Another important point to note here is that, if a technician touches your computer within the warranty period for adding the components, your warranty will no longer be applicable. So, it is best to get all the things installed, when buying a new computer.

6. Not looking for good deals

When the need for a computer arises, one does not really shop around for good deals. This is where you miss out good products at affordable costs. It is always better to buy office supplies like computers and computer parts online, so that you get the details of the computer components as well as discounted price than those available in the markets.

Hence, if you are planning to buy a new computer, look for a good deal online. Also, do not forget to note down your requirements and match the same, before buying a new computer for your office or personal use.

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7 Ways To Choose The Right Gaming Monitor

Gaming PCs are a widely liked and enjoyable entertainment activity. And hardware is an important factor which could bring a huge difference in your victory and defeat. But for a lot of gamers, it is a struggle to find the best gaming monitor the meets up their requirements. Monitors play an important role in your gaming experience, and with the ever changing technology it is quite difficult to choose the right one.

You need a monitor that can provide you with the best gaming experience without subjecting you to blurred images or flickering among any other problems. Here are different ways that will help you in choosing the right monitor.

Monitor Size

The bigger the better is usually true but not always. It all comes down to your personal preference and how much you are interested in spending. High quality, massive displays can cost you a small fortune. You also have to think of the graphic card, if it can handle the size of your monitor.


Most of the monitors nowadays, have HD 1080p resolution but check for it, just in case. A higher resolution gives an amazing picture quality but for that you also need the appropriate hardware so that it could run smoothly. And if you are have the budget and interested in extra space along with the graphic cards to run, curved ultra wide screen can do it for you.

Refresh Rates

Another, one of the important aspect in choosing the monitor is the Refresh Rate. It is actually the amount of time the screen is refreshed to display the new image. A higher rate will allow you to enjoy our game in high quality without any graphical tearing. LCD monitor currently have the refresh rate of 60Hz, you can even opt for 144Hz to avoid the issues of blurry images and screen tearing.

Response Time

Response time is basically the time it takes for a pixel to change from one shade to another. The lower the response rate, the faster your screen updates. A slower response rate of your monitor like 10ms will make you experience ‘ghosting’. 2ms and 1ms are the perfect rates, if you are looking for a competitive gaming monitor.


There isn’t much difference in LED and LCD monitors, except that LED monitors make use of lightning which provides them with sharper and brighter display along with lower power usage. You also get the advantage of thinner screen but at same time you have to pay for them a bit more than the standard LCD monitor.


The better equipped a gaming monitor is with inputs, the better for your monitor and you, such as, dell computer accessories makes it a better experience for its users.  It will allow you to stay connected to the gaming consoles as in Xbox or PS and multiple PCs. An ideal gaming monitor is one which comes with display ports and 2 hdmi to boost your performance and experience. A powerful speaker system will further enhance your experience. So, look for these features in your gaming monitor.


The features, technology and the screen size, all in together will determine the price of a gaming monitor. You need to be ready to pay more if you want other perks such as a USB hub, G-Sync or FreeSync technology or multiple digital video inputs.

So, all in all, screen size and resolution matters among other elements. It is a good investment that would last for 2-5 years. So, choose it wisely!

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Essential Tips To Purchase Parts For Your Own PC

The definition of computing has been changed in the past decade. There was a time when the primary use of a PC for many people was to calculate and keep the data saved. Nowadays, the smartphones and computers are mostly used to seek information, surf entertainment and engage in social media activities. The options have no end and you can almost build your own PC without a hardware engineer’s degree. While laptops are particularly bought for remote computing purposes, the idea of desktop would never get old. Continue reading

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Know Your Computer Parts Before Buying Them

Ever got mixed up with terms like ROM and RAM, Bits and Bytes and what not? You are not alone. These terms can be really confusing. But you got to have a hand on these terms as without knowledge of the same, buying computers parts can be a little difficult.

This article shares with you the essential knowledge that you must have about specific computer parts. Read it and move your fist step towards getting the best computer.    Continue reading

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3 Things to Understand Before Upgrading Your Graphics Card

If you’re a PC gamer, or someone who uses your computer to produce graphics and video, the graphics card, or GPU, will be one of the most important computer parts in your rig. Even so, the graphics card is not the bottom line when it comes to performance. Your computer relies on a number of components to output video signals without lag and stutter. Understanding the relationship between all the components, Continue reading

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Difference Between Powered and Non-Powered USB Hubs

USB has become the most widely used peripheral device port on modern computers. Before the wide adoption of the standard, it wouldn’t be uncommon to have individual ports for things like modems, keyboards and mice, printers, game controllers, and external hard drives. Although USB has made connectivity easier, it has also given rise to the problem of running out of ports. Thankfully Continue reading

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Reasons Why Computer Accessories Are Convenience Providers

Accessories are a medium to add comfort to our life. Computer accessories and equipment have become an essential requirement to match the pace of the fast moving world. The right kind of computer accessories can save a lot of you time and energy. Continue reading

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